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Buy Catchers Gear

why not get his own logo why use jordans? totally pointless. jordan wasnt even that good as a baseball player and only good in basketball because like kobie, lebron and kerry jordan was a ball hog and egotistical always having to take the shot. especially being part of the catcher brother duo surely molina could have a name brand company customize his gear and a logo of his own.

buy catchers gear

With the great amount of protections added to the equipment for catchers, the current level of defense is greater than it has ever been before. In order to take advantage of the equipment that offers better protection, it is important to understand the ins and outs of purchasing that equipment. has the largest selection of catcher's gear around. Whether you need a new chest protector, leg guards, mask, knee pads or a full catcher's set, we have you covered. If you're not sure what you need, check out our guide below on things to consider, including safety guidelines, picking out proper gear, and how to properly size yourself or your player for equipment. Already know what you need? Head straight to our catcher's catalog.

If you are a catcher, you are the only player on the field that will be involved in every play, so it's important to have the right equipment not just for the position, but for your body type and your own comfort. Check out our Catcher's Buying Guide for some key things to look out for when purchasing catcher's gear.

Of all the everyday positions in softball, Catcher may be the most important. From pitch calling to setting the defense, it is the only position that is involved in every pitch of every game. This is why it is so important for catchers to be in the best possible game shape than anyone else on the diamond. has one of the largest selections of catcher's gear in the game today. Whether you just need new leg guards, a new mask, new knee pads, or even a complete catcher's set, we have you covered. We have the best brands in catching including Mizuno, Easton, All-Star, and Rawlings.

Not on our watch. We have the most skilled minds in the industry creating the most intelligent gear in the game. Precision is our passion and pros choose All-Star not out of ignorance, but experience.

Check out our detailed post on the best catchers gear for adult catchers! Or, if looking for a young catcher, check out our post detailing the best gear for youth catchers.Question: What is the best catchers gear for youth?Our Answer:Check out our post with top picks and reviews of what we consider the best catcher's gear for youth catchers.Question: Which catchers gear is best?Our Answer:Since this question is super similar to the one's above, we'll restate our response: "Check out our detailed post on the best catchers gear for adult catchers! Or, if looking for a young catcher, check out our post detailing the best gear for youth catchers."Other Questions About Catcher's GearThere were a handful of other questions that didn't really fit into one particular category. So we threw them in this "other" category.If your catcher's gear questions haven't been addressed yet, then they are probably in this section.

Question: Do baseball catchers wear cups?Our Answer:Yes, they do. In fact, it's very rare for Baseball catchers to not wear a cup, especially at more advanced levels.And in our opinion, it's foolish not to wear a cup when you are playing behind the dish, no matter what your age (leading medical authorities back this up).Testicular injuries can and do happen to catchers, and having a strong, reliable cup on is one of the best ways to prevent such injury while on the field.Question: How much does catchers gear weigh? Our Answer:The weight of individual pieces of catcher's gear can vary dramatically by brand and model. However, on average the general weight for adult sized catchers gear is as follows: catcher's helmet - between 2.5 and 3 pounds; chest protector - between 1 and 1.5 pounds; leg guards (set) - between 3 and 3.5 pounds.Catcher's masks typically weight between 1 and 2 pounds. For example, the All-Star LUC traditional mask weighs 21 ounces (e.g., 1.3 pounds).

Remember, most of these are just generalizations and specifics can vary by product.Catcher for the Ole Miss Softball team.Question: Is Softball catchers gear the same as baseball?Our Answer:No, it is different. If you find the word 'softball', 'women's' or 'female' in the description or model name of the catcher's gear, then that particular gear was made for Fastpitch Softball catchers. For example, see Jen Schro's The Very Best Softball Catcher's Set.

If it does not have one of the above words in the model name, then it is typically a sign that the catcher's gear was intended for Baseball. Keep in mind, however, that Fastpitch Softball catchers can absolutely still use catcher's gear that was made for Baseball. The primary difference between Baseball and Fastpitch Softball-specific catcher's gear is that the latter type of gear usually has a different design which conforms better to a female's body.Our Answer:Question: Can you replace the buckle and loop if broken on a chest protector?Our Answer:We are not aware of a specific kit you could buy to fix that part of the chest protector.Replacement chest protector harnesses on the market typically only work with the brand chest protector you have (i.e., they are not universal) and we know of only Force3 and All Star that sell them for their chest protectors.You could also go by a hardware store to see if you could find individual parts, such as a new D ring, and try to sew or somehow re-bind the leather strap back together if that part was broken too. Question: How long does catchers gear last? Our Answer:

The amount of time that catcher's gear lasts depends mostly on two things: the quality of the gear, and the degree of 'wear and tear' on the gear. So it's not necessarily a black-and-white answer.High-quality gear tends to be very durable and able to withstand constant movement and impact over a substantial period of time. The degree of 'wear and tear' depends on how the gear is used, including how frequently it is used and how rough you are with the gear when it's in use.Kansas City Royals' catcher Salvador Perez with his custom chest protector.Question: How to customize catchers gear? Our Answer:Although not all catcher's gear can be customized, a good amount can. Your best bet to customize catchers gear is to go to the website of the brand whose gear you're interested in and look for a section on customization. Many have a program on their website that will take you step-by-step through the process of customizing your gear. For example, All Star does this very thing. If you're interested in customized catcher's gear, we strongly encourage you to check out the detailed article we wrote about the topic.Question: What catchers gear do the pros wear?Our Answer:Pro catchers wear an assortment of gear from brands like All-Star, Force3, Rawlings, Nike, and others. Keep in mind that many MLB catchers are sponsored (note: paid) by those brands to wear their gear.To answer this question in detail, please see our post on the gear that MLB catchers wore during the 2021 season. Pretty interesting if you ask us! Question: Who makes under armour catcher's gear?Our Answer:

The first is that left handed catchers are generally not able to field bunts down the third base line and throw as quickly and efficiently as those that throw right handed.The second, and arguably most important, has to do with plays at the plate. Very accurate relay throws to home caught by a left hander would have to be caught backhanded. While throws coming in from the first base line would leave the throwing side of the body completely open to the player running to the plate.Since every advantage, no matter how small, is incredibly important at competitive levels of Baseball and Fastpitch Softball, it has become the norm for coaches to only use right handed catchers.For further reading, check out this really interesting article in the New York Times about the topic of left handed catchers.Question: Who was the baseball catcher who was a spy?Our Answer:That was Moe Berg. Between 1923 and 1939, Berg played in 663 games for 5 big league clubs (the Brooklyn Robins, Chicago White Sox, Cleveland Indians, Washington Senators and Boston Red Sox).Berg was a super smart man. He graduated from Princeton University and Columbia University, and he spoke multiple languages.

All the gear that a catcher will need can be bought in two options. You can choose for yourself to buy every item separately, or you can choose to buy a complete set. A set is convenient and contains a mask, chest protector and leg guards. All of these items come in a standard size. To get a better fit and more customized look, you can buy every piece of equipment separately. This is a great option for players who play a lot and really invest their time in it.

I would have a problem if the catchers gear was black and the coach wanted the catcher to purchase different colored gear (black & grey go with everything). If that's the case then the coach can buy the gear.

Agree, what age is catcher? If little Johnny is 10 say and has to pay for new colored gear over black/grey that would be bad considering he'll have to buy more as he grows. Our Summer team(17) bought a set for team color that catcher uses but stays w team should he leave. They have option to buy their own if they want. 041b061a72


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