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Kis Csavargo- Melodik Band

Formed in 2009, Bohemian Betyars is a fiddler band with the purpose to spread the feeling of bitter revelry (an oh so Hungarian specialty) the farthest possible. Their music, self-described as speed-folk freak-punk, includes rocking punk bouncing ska, swooping psychedelia, melodic themes all spiced up with Hungarian, Balkanic and Gipsy elements.

Kis Csavargo- Melodik band

The roots of my own as well as the Olde Metal fan/collector scene's fascination with Heavy Metal from the old Eastern Bloc are unclear. Iron Pages' book "Heavy Metal aus Osteuropa" from abouts a decade ago surely had some part in it - a long list of exotic-sounding band names never ever seen in even the most obscure fanzines or thanx lists of yore. Luckily most albums didn't turn out as rare and unfindable as initial rumors and impressions first implied and bands like ARIA, POKOLGEP, KAT and CITRON are now household names amoung Us Connoisseurs. While British, Swedish and US Metal 7"s are popular, well-defined collector-niches, an area seldom written about (and incidently excluded in the aforementioned Iron Pages product) are 7" singles from this region. When I started working on this page I estimated I had roughly 70-80 titles to index, when I finished I ended up with more than twice as many. This proves there's still unexplored areas in the far corners of the Olde Metal universe and since The Corroseum has always inspired to be that go-to place for such matters, this page place had to be written. The musical span is a bit wider than usual for this site. Some 70's style HR, borderline aor and other semi-off-topic releases are listed, but I've tried to tag the most extreme sidesteps using the old titles in italics-trick from the Compilopedia. There's also a small list of bands whose singles were too off-topic and thus rejected for this page at the end of each country's section. That line is however extremely fuzzy and in retrospect not always that consistent. In the end the 'mini-reviews' should give you an idea of what to expect.The main focus is of course on releases with exclusive material, but I've also included a few promos and regular album-samples singles. The reason for this is simple: there were very few of them made and most should be of some interest to completists (like myself, heh..) At the moment I've chosen not to include rarity ratings. While some releases are clearly rare as hen's teeth and plenty more quite easy to find, for the most part there's very little data to go by in order to make a proper assessment. Putting a consistent number on the availability of for instance a 7" printed in Russia in the tens of thousands, where batches of said release constantly turns up and then disappears again makes for a tricky rating process indeed. Average price ratings are also a bad reference in this case simply because the demand is limited even for the most obscure releases. A large portion of these singles are quite cheap if you know where to look, and in the odd chance that one of the impossibly rare ones appear it's not likely to be priced accordingly. Yet. As a late addition I've also put together some small rejection-lists at the end of each country's section. They list some titles I've come across during my research that either were close to but not quite what The Corroseum (and I figure the majority of its readers) would consider Metal or Metal-related. Some are occationally referred to as Metal on other sites, which is another reason for The Corroseum to set the record straight. These sections also have the function of letting anyone who wants to tip me off on releases missing from the page know what kind stuff I already know about and have rejected. Important notes about this list While the setup is similar to my previous 707 Inches Of Swedish Steel-page, some details will differ... Tracks in bold letters are exclusive recordings only available on the 7" in question (not counting later reissues and CD bonus tracks), tracks in regular text are not. I repeat, titles in italic indicates non-Metaldom but its abscence does not guaratee the opposite. Since most releases came out before the fall of the Iron Curtain, the country-of-origin-indexing is made according to the European map of 1989-90ish. In order to make them less anonymous I've decided to translate non-English titles (and some band names) into English. There's bound to be some errors so feel free to correct me. Need a soundtrack while browsing? Check out the downloadable sampler at the bottom of the page.. For feedback, see footnote.

From the Baltic Sea to the Atlantic Ocean, in the last couple of years this real power boost band made the audience dance about a thousand times. Be it on the street, at a club or a festival, the catchy tunes of Bohemian Betyars will yank you out of the mundane weekdays and throw you into the deep waters of delirium, just as it was planned to happen. 041b061a72


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