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Learn How to Operate a Ship Engine Room with a Realistic Simulator

Our K-Sim Engine is a sophisticated engine room simulator system for training students and crew in basic, advanced and emergency scenarios in a safe environment. K-Sim Engine product family includes a range of engine models, all of which are certified by DNV and exceeds the existing STCW requirements.

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All K-Sim Engine models are developed based on actual ship specifications and performance data, making the simulator as realistic as possible. K-Sim Engine provides high-quality training in every aspect, from details in a single sub-system to the overall running of a propulsion system.

The learning objective is to understand and operate the entire engine room system in a safe, timely and cost-effective manner. Whether choosing a K-Sim Engine full mission or PC desktop system, students or employees will learn a vast array of skills thanks to the pedagogical values and high fidelity realism the engine room simulator systems offer.

The K-Sim Engine models are extremely flexible. To fit your exact requirements, the simulators can be configured for a desktop computer or an operational full mission simulator using custom panels and equipment like for instance a real automation system, K-Chief. This gives a new level of realism, as crew can train on the identical equipment that they will later operate onboard ships.

Virtual Engine Room is a PC-based full mission engine room simulator. It helps you to learn the typical ship's engine room operating routines. It comes with standardized assessment consisting of 14 STCW compatible tests. These tests provide an independent and fully automated trainee evaluation.

GEMISIM, is the representative of UniTest Machine Simulator in Turkey. UNITEST is the world leader in marine training software and engine room simulators. All UNITEST products comply with the International Convention on Seafarers' Training, Documentation and Watchkeeping Standards.

This paper presents a possibility of using a full-mission engine room simulator as a tool for educating marine engineer officers. Basic technical data have been shown for full-mission engine room simulator Kongsberg Neptune MC90-IV which is used to educate marine engineers by the Maritime University of Szczecin. An example of classes in the simulator has been described explaining selected issues of the sea environment and its protection to the students. The exercise is about the operation of the main engine fuel supply system injected by the fuel-water emulsion to decrease the emission of toxic exhaust gases components. According to the authors, the proposed exercise in the simulator may greatly contribute to the development of conscious and responsible machinery exploitation and pro-ecological behaviour during the engine room operation. Exercise assumptions and results obtained during it have been presented together with the conclusions drawn when using the engine room simulator to create pro-ecological behaviour of marine engineers.

Abstract:With the development of ship intelligence, the frequency of upgrading the marine engine room simulator, which is essential for crew training, has increased. Traditionally, the data processing unit (DPU) of the marine engine room simulator is upgraded by manually downloading the firmware. This makes the hardware maintenance high-cost. In this paper, we first propose a WAN-based firmware upgrade system to enable secure over-the-air upgrades of DPUs and reduce operation and maintenance costs. A distributed hardware structure is given to manage DPU in the simulator via the Internet. We have designed two methods of firmware upgrades, automatic upgrades and remote upgrades. In automatic upgrades, the DPU can download new firmware upgrades from the web server through the router. By designing a series of mechanisms including code rollback, code backup and code confirmation, the In-Application Programming (IAP) technique is realized through the Internet. Firmware upgrades have good fault tolerance mechanisms to ensure that the emulator can still work in the event of an upgrade error. In remote upgrades, we upgrade the DPU firmware through the remote control center. We assessed the performance of the system by measuring the success rate of DPU upgrades, upgrade time and performance after the upgrade. The results show that the DPU upgrade success rate is close to 100% and performance is as good as expected. The results show that the remote firmware upgrade system proposed in this paper is reliable and practical.Keywords: simulator; DPU; firmware upgrade; code backup; over-the-air

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Hello all, I am an engine cadet, and I am in a situation where I must rely on myself, so I would like to know if anyone knows where to download an engine room simulator e.g. Kongsberg MC90. Thanks and I wish you all a calm sea!

Until now, maritime simulation was only accessible with professional, large simulators at training locations or through companies and schools. NAUTIS Home is here to change that! We want to make ship simulation available for everyone.

The three ship-bridge mockups help users evaluate navigation channel designs, modifications and safety issues in a virtual environment. The computerized simulator of navigational conditions are in real-time, meaning that the events require the same amount of time on the simulator as they do in real life. Realistic sights, sounds and conditions for maneuvering ships and tows help make the pilots more at ease and comfortable as if they are in their actual surroundings.

With improved capabilities to perform advanced hydrodynamic modeling, the ERDC Ship/Tow Simulator helps engineers, licensed pilots and others virtually design and evaluate proposed modifications for improvements to commercial navigation. These simulator tests are evaluated for safety first, then economical design. This helps engineers see the causes of accidents and other problems and learn how to avoid and solve them.

DFDE driven vessels are becoming more and more common and the new engine room simulator model has been designed to meet the growing training demands for DFDE propulsion aboard both LNG carriers and other vessels, in order to meet the requirements for SOx reduction set by the IMO.

Kongsberg Maritime is committed to supporting the shipping industry in reducing emissions and improving fuel efficiency. The new DFDE model is the latest in a long line of new ERS models, including one developed for the RT-flex engine, which reflect the diverse approach the Kongsberg Maritime Simulation & Training department has towards enabling the Green Ship.

The B.Tech degree programme in Marine Engineering spanning 8 semesters has an exhaustive curriculum designed to provide the students with a modern and sound education in basic science and engineering subjects, along with an in-depth knowledge of the various facets of Marine Engineering. An intensive practical training of 6 months duration is given to all cadets inside the DG approved Ship-in-Campus Lab and in the machinery overhauling workshop.Students also get chances to go on board ships to acquire machinery maintenance experience.

The machinery in the engine room has various safety devices and alarms fitted for safe operation. If any machinery malfunctions, a common engine room alarm is operated, and the problem can be seen in the control room alarm panel, which will display the alarm.

The Maritime Center at Flensburg University of Applied Sciences in Germany has agreed a contract with Kongsberg Digital (KDI) for the delivery of an engine room simulator package, scheduled for August next year.

The deal includes a K-Sim Engine Full Mission engine room simulator and a K-Sim Engine desktop classroom configuration, with a range of six different models to be used for training on a variety of propulsion and engine types.

On campuses, there are modern and recent simulators very well maintained, for navigation, engine-room operations, cargo operations, dynamic positioning, radars, GMDSS. Each campus site has practical training rooms, for mechanical engineering and electrical engineering

The Academy also has unique equipment such as the Ship-in-School, integrated bridge-machine simulator and a high-voltage practical training room in Le Havre, a ship bridge and a steam power plant in Marseille, the only one in France.


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