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Celemony.Melodyne.Plugin.VST.RTAS.v1.0.4.2.Incl.Keygen-AiR ##BEST##

note: due to vst au support, you need to download steinberg vst idr tpa-2800rvstau-plugin from steinberg. and please note that steinberg releases 2 versions of this plugin. the version is 32bit and the 1.3 is 64bit. i use the version 1.2 to support rtas.


a fabulous vst instrument plugin. if you need a piano, use this plugin! but the ace of ace in this plugin is unique (as it was the original inspiration of this plugin): keys - and therefore this is, the best piano plugin out there - can be played too.. that means, you cannot only imitate one sound, but you can also simulate the true piano keys movement.

melodyne is the most powerful synth in the synthmaker bundle! it can simulate almost any sound ever created on a keyboard. it consists of 64 fm modulators (one modulator each) which can be controlled via an easy to use interface. every modulator can be divided into 4 parts. every modulation has a certain value which determines the amount of the parameter to be modulated (for example, the current value of the volume can be boosted by the amount of the selected modulation). not only has melodyne been extended with many new features and a new and powerful fc synth, the patching feature has also been improved. small fx units can now be assigned to a modulator. this is not always recommended, but in some cases it may be useful.

clicking on the green buttons toggles the assigned patch. a full list of available patches can be found below the control panel. clicking on the arrows below the patch list moves to the next patch. if the same patch is assigned to more than one matrix, a green button will appear next to the patch. clicking on this will enable/disable all patches to which this patch is assigned.


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